Friday, August 20, 2010

New Bike - BSA Mach 22"

After saying Adios to my first friend, Hero Thunder MTB, about 3 months back, the vacuum is now filled by a new friend, BSA Mach 22", an entry level made in India road bike.

BSA Mach 22

Watch the close up video below, for more details

It's heavier (about 15 kgs) but being a single speed, low maintenance. It has dropbars which I will need some time and practice to get used to but being a bigger frame size it fits me a litter better. I won't say it's perfect, it has it's own pros and cons, but it does seem value for money.

Cost: INR 5,000
Color: Red + Black
Frame size: 22"
Speed: Single (48 x 18 teeth; original came with 16 teeth, replaced that with 18 teeth; cost INR 100)
Suspension: None
Build: Steel
Tires: 27"


  1. bsa mach is impressive but how it will fare comparing to hero hawk nu age? i am thinking of buying one of these but cannot decide.

  2. Both the bike are equally brilliant.

    Depending upon your height and ride quality during based on test rides choose between them. Both are truly VFM.

    Just make sure you replace the tires on them with good quality nylon tires in few months to avoid frequent punctures.

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  4. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    i need your help you cyclists. i am planning to buy a bicycle. my two choices are BSA Mach and Hero Nu-Hawk. i cannot choose between the two. there are some probs.

    1. the BSA is not in stock in all shops. the other one is more available. they say BSA has stopped producing in India and imports from its Chinese factories.

    2. i don't know which one is lighter.

    3. the BSa is priced higher, it is my 1st choice, but is it worth the money?

    DON'T suggest other cycles.


  5. 1. Bull crap, infact BSA has come up with new improved (?) version of Mach recently. It's their best selling bike, they can't stop it's production so soon.

    2. Both are similar in weight, both are steel.

    3. Both Hawk and BSA Mach are the best value for money bikes and both are almost similar in performance and price.

    I found hawk a bit larger frame size for my height (5'10 - 5'11), so I went for 21 inch BSA Mach (there are 2 sizes 19 inch (multi gears) and 21 inch (single speed) size)

    You can't go wrong with either of the bikes, test ride both and choose based on your comfort level.


    1. hey SanjeevT .. do you recommend this cycle to me ?.. I'm 5'6 in height.. weigh around 80 kgs( too much i know).. since you've been using this cycle for almost 2 years now .. how do you feel about it? I mean are you happy with it?
      I keep reading about rim problems in this bike, and some other wheel alignment problems.. is that true..??

    2. It's one of the best entry level road bike available in India.

      There are 2 variants, one without gears, which is a larger frame size and one with gears which is a smaller frame size.

      I think for your height you should look at the one with gears, the smaller frame size i.e.

      You get what you pay for, these bikes will turn anyone into a good cycle mechanic overtime :) but I highly recommend this bike for someone who is starting new and has limited budget.

  6. thanks for responding... what about the rim problems ?? did you face any ??
    I want the one with drop handle bars ... will that fit me??

  7. Indian roads will force most road bikes wheels to go out of alignment sooner or later. That's the only thing you will need to worry about (to get the wheels realigned periodically when they go out of alignment)

    The smaller frame bike comes with straight handlebar, but you can always ask the dealer to replace that with drop bars.


  8. hey thanks man... I'm weighing out my options for now... thanks I was really bothered about the alignment issues..
    however , you've convinced me that proper care and precaution can solve this problem..

  9. Hi,,,cyclist....plz help me...!!my budget 5000Rs....And my age is now....16 and Hight 5.8"....I wish to buy BSA MACH 22...with gear...but i am confused Mach city/Mach 22....??????and also....Hawk....plz just tell me which is best .....???and u can also tell other cycle.....

  10. for 5'8 height Hawk is out, as it will be too big frame size for you.

    Mach 22, single speed (without gears) will fit you best (the one with gears is a smaller frame size). And you don't need gears if you are not taking the bike on mountains and/or steep climbs. You can easily tackle flyovers with single speed.

    Go with BSA Mach 22

  11. plz age is 15.i am 5 ft 10 inches 1st choice is hero hawk nu age but after seeing bsa mach 22 i am in a dilemma..which one shud i go fr????PLZ RPLY

  12. Hi, i am going on tour de cycle to chittor (160km from chennai). I have to accomplish the distance to & fro (320kms) in 13hrous. I lost my firefox cycle and looking to buy BSA MAch 22 for the ride. Is buying Mach a good decision? and any tips for the ride pls ?

  13. MACH definitely has d looks whwn compared to hawk due to its paint job

  14. Hi Baba :)
    I'm of 60 kg and 172 cm. I'm planning to buy BSA mach 22 single speed.
    DOES THAT FIT ME WELL? I do about 60 km on Sundays.

  15. i am 43 and owned a mach1 some 25 years ago. used it for a good 10 years before discontinuing. recently, thinking of cycling again. i am 174 cms tall, 67 kgs heavy. the non-indian bikes are priced pretty steep though sleek and classy. i am kinda fixed on the mach22 without any gears. good choice? will upgrade to something high end in 2-3 years after putting the years and distance on this one. let me know if this is a wise decision. i swim and run regularly and plan to take on cycling too to attempt at least one iron man competition. from pune. relocated from chennai 10 years ago. cheers. bharat chetty

  16. hey i have an BSA MACH 22 single speed..and now i want to add gears to it pllzz suggest meeee

  17. sir,

    wondering between
    1. mach 1
    2. hero hawk

    would be grateful if you can advise. thank you.